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Since founding Bouwkamp Builders Inc. in 1985, Randy’s exceptional sense of creativity and ambition propelled his company to become one of the leading West Michigan Builders today, 37 years later. One of the many truths that drives both Randy’s personal life and his professional life is: If you are going to do something, do it well. This is clearly displayed in how Bouwkamp and his team oversee the entire home building process, selecting various products and assembling them in a way that creates a timeless look. Randy and his team encourage new ideas and promote forward thinking from everyone who works on the home. This ensures the home has the greatest opportunity to become the best home it can be, as well as allows the client the comfort of knowing every detail has been thought through from start to completion. In Randy’s words, “The greatest reward is hearing a client share about their enjoyment of the building process, as well as their genuine happiness with the final product.”


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